2 and 5

finalist in Literary Death Match's 250-Word Bookmark Contest, judged by roxanne gay 

When they came for me, I know that the thing they wanted was truth. That if I lied, even once, they would have no mercy. None.

And yet, it’s to lies I turn.

Lies come easy for me. Fast and fluid. You know I am weak. But I can, today, promise you that it’s truth they get now. I’m happy here. Things are good. Coming to terms will certainly take time. The crimes I’ve committed fill papers, volumes.

With each day that passes, you are the missing piece in my hiding heart. Place these words in yours.

Is life under the council blessed? Want the truth? Broken, I shout, YES! Carve floorboards, exult behind my bars: Yes, YES! The filthy bookshelves I filled with trash, tomorrow, burn. I let my old ideals die. I don’t believe in them now. Let these, my words, outlive time. Outlast fate.

I’ll be with you soon.

I’m yours. As run the rivers, I’m yours, Love.




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