From small start-up to big business, cocoa to regional health systems, I’ve worked with every size and kind of client. If it’s on this page I created the concept, wrote the copy, directed the shoot and/or collaborated with art directors, editors and designers on the ads and website.

St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s asked Swim to help them celebrate the exceptional work of all their employees. Through online surveys and focus groups we uncovered true stories of compassion and human connection that fueled a campaign across all media channels that showcased how St. Luke’s employees work daily to turn health care into health caring.

Raise your vote

In the 2016 Presidential Election, Minnesota led the nation in percentage of voter participation. In the 2018 midterm elections, one city was determined to lead the state. “Raise Your Vote” was a campaign led by Swim Creative to boost voter turnout in Duluth, MN. When the ballots had settled, Duluth had carried the crown.

Bullyan rv

For their 34th annual open house, Bullyan RV turned to Swim for help packing the place. They wanted an ad that found the happy medium between the relaxed, aspirational quality of RV living with the firm sales pitch of a car dealership. We crafted a spot that reminded people a summer full of adventure starts at Bullyan RV.

Duluth International Airport

With short lines, friendly staff and a relaxed feel from parking to departing, flying DLH is what travel dreams are made of. We made sure the whole region was let in on the secret to travel success. We crafted video, radio, print, and digital campaigns that let them know a great travel experience is as “Simple as DLH.”

St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s wanted to increase awareness and education around primary care, as well as convert patients from urgent and on-demand services to a primary care physician. We crafted an emotional, aspirational campaign to remind the region that St. Luke’s is committed to the patient experience through a single execution: Care. About You.

DSGW Architects

As their 2018 holiday card, DSGW Architects asked Swim to create something to remind people of the ways architecture builds a city. We turned that into an animated winter wonderland, where buildings spring to life thanks to the help of DSGW. Using their brand standard shapes and colors we built an entire gingerbread city.


National bank of commerce

Local dollars help transform local communities. For every dollar deposited at National Bank of Commerce, 90 cents is loaned back to the community to help families buy homes, businesses grow and turn dreams into reality. We crafted a campaign that demonstrated the power of a local dollar remaining local.

Royal credit union

RCU loves creativity. We partnered with them to spread the word about their commitment to free checking, always. With tongues firmly planted in cheek, we let our imaginations run wild, creating a world where the free things we all take for granted suddenly aren’t so free. The result? Enter the Fee Collector.

Mike & Jen's cocoa

Mike & Jen’s Cocoa was created with a single goal in mind: Become the best cocoa in the world. Lofty goal, but they had the recipe to back it up. What they needed was help spreading the word. We built a brand around good people and great cocoa making magic in your cup. Visit the site.

More portfolio samples available upon request.